Business Details

Area Req - 100 SQ FT

Total Investment - INR 5-10 LACS

Franchise Outlet - LESS THAN 10

Establishment Year - 2016

Zing design is that interior design firm which is having experience in providing creative solutions to make the view of the house beautiful and pleasant. Zing designs is among the best interior designers in India. We used well equipped, modern and attractive tools to give best results to the customers. We at zing designs follow the principles of ecology, innovation and creativity. No matter what is the existing design of a house, we pride ourselves in going deep and understanding each and every corner of the house to deliver luxurious, creative and beautiful solutions that directly corresponds to our customers’ requirements. The aim of our firm is to work immaculately with our customers so as to produce a palatial result which they will appreciate and cherish for the rest of the years to come. Additionally, we offer customized service where ever needed to make our clients’ house visually impactful, vividly powerful and above all eternal.

Support from Brand: -

As a support by our brand we would be helping out our franchise partners in every aspect to make their business a Success. The pre training i.e. selecting up the site for the business, recruiting and training up of employees would be done by us at our Head office in Hyderabad. As post training we would be providing with the regular audits and inspection at the shop as well as the site inspection would also be conducted by our experts at the site where our franchise partners are working out.