Wax Hand Wizards

Wax Hand Wizards

Business Details

Area Req - 50-100 SQ FT
Total Investment - INR 5.50 LAC
Franchise Outlet - less than 10
Establishment Year - 2012

Our product, WAX HANDS, is an INTERNATIONAL INTERACTIVE experience that we have introduced in India under the brand name of ‘Wax Hand Wizards’. Wax Hands are same size Wax Sculptures of your own hands created in different Shapes & Colors. The USP of our product is the customer himself is involved in creating the sculpture of his own hand. The fascinating 4 minute fun process involves holding your hands in a gesture & dipping them in our specially formulated wax to create a beautiful sculpture that is then colored with colors of your choice.We have also come up with product Innovations like Crystal Hands and 2D & 3D Hand Impressions that are a hit with Corporate & Private Events.

Support from Brand: -

As a support by our brand we would be helping out our franchise partners in every aspect to make their business a Success. The pre training i.e. selecting up the site for the business, recruiting and training up of employees would be done by us at our Head office in Mumbai. As post training we would be providing with the regular audits and inspection at the shop as well as the site inspection would also be conducted by our experts at the site where our franchise partners are working out. We would be also helping out the franchise partners with the marketing activities too.