Swasthya gym & Fitness Center

Swasthya gym & Fitness Center

Business Details

Area Req - 3000 SQ.FT
Total Investment - INR 1 CR
Franchise Outlet - LESS THAN 10
Establishment Year - 2004

“Life is not merely living but living in health.” ‘Swasthya the gym’ is the latest fitness centre located at 35/1E, Model Gram, near Kochar Market, Ludhiana. It has gained an ennoble position because of its uniqueness, novelty, quality and practicability. It was established in 2004 by my Yogesh Sharma who believes that health is a blessing that money cannot buy. Since its inception, it has grown inch by inch, yard by yard because of its basic richness and qualities. This centre is passionately led by experieticed, instructors and health professionals. Who counsel, instruct, assist and motivate the costumer to lead a joyous, meaningful and healthy life. The passion of our team is to serve, to excel, to prove rather than to tell, to act rather than make loud claims only. Besides giving physical training, mental training is also imparted to modify the mental setup which is a must to lead contented life without stress.The mushroom growth of gym in every street corner do not diminish the light of our centre as its glory has in the wonderful infrastructure, latest slimming & fitness gadgets, trained & experienced coaches to understand your needs and to cater to your needs. Why to make loud claims of our achievements and successes when our genuine efforts to keep you fit & fine, to keep you happy & healthy can be experienced through your personal visit. Don’t believe in what we say, believe in what you see & feel. Why is the name “Swasthya”?I never wanted to miss traditional values. The word ‘Swasthya’ since its origin has that piety, serenity and teaching of wellbeing that I never wanted take up any modern name in any other language. Let the world be original, untouched by any superficiality.Our ObjectivesThe main objective of ‘Swasthya the Gym’ is to create awareness and to Co-ordinate the performance of body, mind and soul in a befitting manner, we are the winner, we don’t do different thing, we do things differently. Our goal is to be sensitive to our members needs and to fulfill fitness requirements. We ensure physical fitness and robust health to customers as we counsel, we assist, wemotivate them to lead a joyous and meaningful results are bound to be positive as we put in our 200% to fulfill your needs.Our visionOur vision is to maintain the standers of our fitness centre for our member’s well being, our members will have sound body and it will be maintained well when complimented by a health foods bar to nourish body’s daily fiber vitamin’s requirements. Facilities Cardio Center Strength Training Free Weight Area Aerobics Customized Schedule Cards Diet Counseling Spa (Shower Room) Locker Room Health Bar ( Serving Protein Shakes, Fat Burners & other Nutrition ) A word about founder Mr. Yogesh Sharma, its founder has a broadened vision, very young, he has widened outlook and has a keen eye to see his goal – a goal to create a hitch for himself in the market which is already flooded with latest equipments and professional allurements. His admirers appreciate him for his ceaseless efforts.

Support from Brand: -

We support the franchisee in every manner so as to make their business a success. We Provide Pre Training starting from the set up of the Business to its successful running .We also provide Post Training to the Franchise holders I.e. checking and auditing all the services being done by the franchisee at their area.