Business Details

Total Investment - INR50K-2 LAC
Franchise Outlet - 20-50
Establishment Year - 2015

SQAC is an independent certification & inspection body offering value added services in the field of certification and inspection to all types of organizations, big and small. SQAC has a full-fledged team with different auditors having a vast experience in almost all types of sectors ranging from manufacturing, food industry, institutes, business services, construction, etc. SQAC is accredited by UKAF (UK Akkreditering Forum Limited) for various sectors and all major management systems like ISO 9001, ISO 14001,ISO 45001,ISO 22000,ISO 27001,ISO 20000-1,ISO 13485. SQAC is represented all over the globe including India, US, Lebanon, Malaysia, U.A.E., etc. through its wide range of representative bodies all across.Independent assessment and certification of your management systems by SQAC is an independent guarantee that the management systems comply with the requirements of the applicable standards and sends a message to the market that you have an effective system built in your organisation.The experience and skills possessed by us makes us the right choice for organizations in various sectors like Manufacturing companies, Education Institutions, Service Industries, Training Institutes, Hotels, Charitable Trusts, Hospitals, Construction companies, , Social Organizations, Real Estates, etc. We are constantly striving to exceed customer’s expectation for delivering the services needed by them. Our independent assessment adds significant value to our customers operations and effectiveness to their management system. We aim to be the most competitive service provider in the field of certification, with respect to cost as well as quality.

Support from Brand: -

As a support by our brand we would be helping out our franchise partners in every aspect to make their business a Success. The pre training i.e. selecting up the site for the business, recruiting and training up of employees would be done by us at our Head office . As post training we would be providing with the regular audits and inspection at the shop as well as the site inspection would also be conducted by our experts at the site where our franchise partners are working out. We would be also helping out the franchise partners with the marketing activities too.