Royal Fitness Club

Royal Fitness Club

Business Details

Area Req - 2000-6000
Total Investment - INR 20-85 LAC
Franchise Outlet - LESS THAN 10
Establishment Year - 2004

Royal Fitness was formed on the grounds of giving simple, effective solutions to health enthusiasts. Today, we offers laprogest range of genuine health products across categories and all major brands. Royal Fitness is run by a core tram of highly qualified professionals, with experience and bringing in strong skills in Healthcare, Technology, Operations and Customers Management. Our team of trained nutritionists, counselors and product experts help customers in choosing the right products/service. We source the best health & wellness products. Our offering covers categories like Nutrition. Sports and Fitness, Diabetes, Home Devices, Eye, Personal Care, Beauty, Parenting & Health Services. We partner directly with brands and their authorized channels, to ensure strict quality control and deliver 100% genuine products. We believe it is high time that we combined great technology, smart design and awesome customer care to give a massive health and wellness boost. While there are challenges that need to be overcame, we are driven by our vision to become a dependable, household name in india. Strength Traning :-Strength up with your perfect bodybuilding workout program and diet to match can seem like quite the process. You have to plan how many days a week you’re going to workout, what exercise you will include in your program, how long your rest periods will be, how many reps you should perform for each exercise, and on and on it goes. Weight Loss:- Finding or makingtime to exercise is the first step toward improving your health, but it’s not the only step. Workouts can be challenging but proper Guidance can make it interesting at Gym. By changing small parts of your routine, you can see incredible results. Personal Training :- You’ll find workouts for ab, back, bicep, chest legs, shoulders and whole body workouts that’ll whip you into shape in no time! If you need help with workout routine, workout tips or exercise equipment, I have tons of helpful information you can use right away. You’re out of excuses for being lazy, get your butt in gear! Dance Aerobics :-IN this competitive world, many people find it hard to dedicated time for physical activities like exercise; although one of their first priorities is to stay in perfect shape. Here comes the easy method of maintaining a perfect figure-dance aerobics, As the name suggests, dance aerobics is an exercise that combines the rhythmic steps of. Cardio workout:- Cardio is one of the most important things you can do for your body, whether you want to lose weight, build muscle or improve your health. The great thing is, there are plenty of choices for cardio exercise. Anything that gets your heart rate into your target heart rate zone will work. The confusing thing is, there are so many choices out there… which exercise are the most effective? There’s no ‘right’ cardio exercise and the best choice is the one you enjoy and the one you’ll work hardest at, but there are some that work best if your goal is to blast calories and get in great shape.

Support from Brand: -

We support the franchisee in every manner so as to make their business a success. We Provide Pre Training starting from the set up of the Business to its successful running .We also provide Post Training to the Franchise holders I.e. checking and auditing all the services being done by the franchisee at their area.