Paratha Express

Paratha Express

Business Details

Area Req - 800 SQ FT

Investment Range - 15  LACS 

Paratha Express is the 1st, Indian fast food Quick Service Restaurant franchise that primarily sells Parathas made from Whole Wheat, Paratha Subs, Salads & Tray Meals. It is fastest growing single brand restaurant chain that serves Parathas in fast food style. It is owned and operated by GMJ Events & Hospitality, India. The concept behind the birth of Paratha Express is to serve the clients with healthy, tasty & nutritious eco-meal prepared from Whole Wheat. Each Paratha at Paratha Express are hand tossed with love & garnished with our secret spices. In just 1 year of time, Paratha Express has changed the definition of fast food. Now the fast food is healthy, tasty & nutritious only at Paratha Express.

Advantages of having Paratha Express as a franchisee:

[1] Established corporate image and brand awareness & trust.
[2] Extensive training and support to the franchisee.
[3] Paratha Express already has the business model in place you can focus on running a successful business.
[4] A great way for individuals to own and operate their own business.