Business Details

Area Req - 400-600 SQ.FT
Total Investment - INR 20-30 LAC
Franchise Outlet - LESS THAN 10
Establishment Year - 1985

The Pabrai Family has over 30 years of experience in the Indian Ice Cream Manufacturing Industry. It started with the founding of Tulika’s Ice Cream Pvt. Ltd. in 1985 which grew into a prominent mass market brand in Eastern India. A generation of ice cream lovers in the 1980s and 1990s grew up on Tulika’s Twinzee Ice cream and Hot Chocolate Fudge Sundae and fondly remembers them even today. In 2008, the Pabrais combined their technical expertise in crafting ice creams of the creamiest of textures with their knowledge of food to make artisanal ice creamswith the finest of ingredients sourced from around the world. Born out of this ethos was Pabrai’s Fresh & Naturelle Ice Cream. We at Pabrai’s Fresh & Naturelle Ice Creams are in the business of making premium, 100% natural ice creams. The product is redefining the ice cream space in India. Pabrai’s Fresh & Naturelle Ice Cream took natural ice cream making to a whole new level with its key focus on the ingredient and a keen desire to delight the Indian palette. In the non-branded segment we supply to all luxury chains of 5 star hotels, restaurants and caterers across the country.

Support from Brand: -

We support the franchisee in every manner so as to make their business a success. We Provide Pre Training starting from the set up of the Business to its successful running .We also provide Post Training to the Franchise holders I.e. checking and auditing all the services being done by the franchisee at their area.