Kids Carnival Preschool

Kids Carnival Preschool

Business Details

Total Investment-INR 15-20 LACS

Franchise Outlet-NO OUTLET

Establishment Year-2001

Multi-tasking is today’s need, but with current education system it becomes tough which school provides training where our kids can be multi-tasker. Kid’s Carnival Preschool possess all the latest technology and knowledge to train and make your child a multi-tasker from a tender age. Modern app-based technology & smart boards with projectors, focus on practical learning, interpersonal & communication skills development and wide range of activities throughout the year including annual function.

Support from Brand: -Equipped with latest technology in means of education and security, Kid’s Carnival is a complete package for a preschool one can expect. Well trained & educational staff are always ready and keen to help you and support your kid/s whenever they are need.