Instituto Hispania

Instituto Hispania

Business Details

Area Req - 100-3000 SQ.FT
Total Investment - INR 1-20 LAC
Franchise Outlet - 10-20
Establishment Year - 1997

Instituto Hispania was incepted to remove language barriers, promote a global understanding and bridge gaps between continents. The Founder and Director, Laura Benito, noticed back in 1997 that India strongly needed a
space where local citizens could expand their horizon through Spanish language, as well as Spanish speaking people would come together to contribute and give something back to this country by promoting interculturality. In those terms, Instituto Hispania’s methodology revolves around personal and professional growth for all, academic and intellectual advancement, promoting intercultural understanding and respect. Present in 5 Cities, 8 Locations, with 25 Classrooms and a team of around 130 people located all over India, we are always prepared and willing to assist our students in pursuing their personal and professional goals in Spanish. To that end, more than 50,000 of our students have become proficient Spanish speakers in the past 20 years and are now working in companies across the globe. Our teachers, managers and counselors are very passionate about Spanish language and this organisation's mission and vision, hence, Instituto Hispania values every single member's contribution, building itself from the ground up.

Support from Brand: -

We support the franchisee in every manner so as to make their business a success. We Provide Pre Training starting from the set up of the Business to its successful running .We also provide Post Training to the Franchise holders I.e. checking and auditing all the services being done by the franchisee at their area. From pre training t grand opening we would be helping our franchisee partners.