House of Candy

House of Candy

Business Details

Area Req - 250 SQ FT

Total Investment - INR 20 LACS

From the moment of its creation, the company placed all of its endeavors to conduct the best representation of the brand HOUSE OF CANDY on the Indian market. After the primary activities to popularize the HOUSE OF CANDY brand in various shopping malls, the team concentrated on constructing a strategy for possibly the widest distribution of its products. HOUSE OF CANDY gives us the opportunity to come closer to the bliss of a child’s smile and dreams by providing us with a way to feel forever captured by the magical world of childhood and the unforgettable taste of its products, with which we will always connect with. The management team of HOUSE OF CANDY comprises of husband-wife duo Sameer Bhatia and Kanu Sharma. They have both achieved their Bachelors degree from U.S.A. and Sameer is an M.B.A. (Finance) from the reputed SP Jain Institute of Management and Research. They’re young, energetic, and determined to make HOUSE OF CANDY a mass market brand in India. The team of HOUSE OF CANDY wishes you happy chewing!

Support from Brand: -

We support the franchisee in every manner so as to make their business a success. We Provide Pre Training starting from the set up of the Business to its successful running .We also provide Post Training to the Franchise holders I.e. checking and auditing all the services being done by the franchisee at their area.