Everyday Anday

Everyday Anday

Business Details

Area Req-350Sq.Ft

Total Investment-INR 10-20 LAC

Franchise Outlet-LESS THAN 10

Establishment Year-2016

Everyday Anday was founded by Ms. Rashmi Joshi. It was started with an aim of introducing all day breakfast place which serves a fusion of Continental and Indian dishes. The all day dining menu soon took to the liking of foodies all over town, after which a lot more main course dishes and egg creations were added to the menu. All of our recipes have been created and prepared with the fresh ingredients and the most important one of them all that we just can’t do without is LOVE. And that’s the only secret ingredient we like to talk about the most. At every day Anday egg preparations are not just about omelets and boiled eggs. There is a great deal more for you to explore! 

Support from Brand: -  We support our franchisee before and after opening up the FranchisePre opening SupportEntire setting – up of operations and equipmentInterior design, layout, architectural support.

  • Inventory and equipment purchase support.
  • Training shall be given to kitchen staff about operations, standardized recipes, inventory management, storage handling and hygiene practices.
  • Training shall be provided for all serving staff regarding service, order taking, handling online orders, home delivery and making administrative reports.
  • Training shall be given to the administrative staff regarding inventory order and receipt procedure involving Purchase orders, delivery challans, billing, payments, etc.
  • All formats/checklists required by managers regarding cleanliness of outlets,Inventory reports, staff instructions and handling customers, etc.


Post Opening SupportTime-to-time assistance regarding operations glitches.

  • Addressing administrative issues, providing technical support when needed.
  • Frequent official visits, inventory check, stock audits.
  • All formats/checklists required by managers regarding cleanliness of outlets, in-ventory reports, staff instructions and handling customers, etc.
  • Support in keeping food cost and wastage in check.
  • Central Marketing support on social media.
  • Local marketing ideas as per location