DL Cakers

DL Cakers

Business Details

Area Req- 4000 Sq.Ft

Total Investment- 40 LACS

Dl Cakers is a young bakery brand based in Pondicherry. We offer a wide range of cakes, juices and other confectionery items. All bakery items are made in our centralized kitchen to ensure the best quality. We also provide catering services for birthday parties and other small social gatherings. We have our own delivery service for home delivery of birthday cakes and have partnered with Uber Eats for the delivery of other confectionery items.

Support from Brand: -
Bakery setup and design, hiring and training of staff, supply of bakery items from the central kitchen and vendor contacts for other ingredients, home delivery services if required, tie up with Uber Eats for home delivery. We also undertake marketing and promotional activities on behalf of the franchise partner.