Business Details

Area Req - 300-700 SQ FT
Total Investment - INR 2-5 LAC
Franchise Outlet - Less Than 10
Establishment Year - 1997

Diamond which becomes precious only when polished. We CEC (COMPETITIVE EXCELLENCE CE It is a must to obtain a perfect and proper guidance. Because a talent or a quality is like an uncut NTRE) have a very clear objective to shape and polish those uncut diamonds. We encourage and uplift the qualities or intelligence who are still in dark ages of lack of information and who even do not know that what to do to get a right career not just a job. THe journey of CEC was started 16 years back by an ordinary but extraordinary talented and courageous individual Mr. Abhishek Kumar in 1997. Mr. Kumar was determined with no deviation to contribute his all to the world of education. And since then he has been doing and giving his best to the same world. All the training and teaching programmes of CEC are full of real scenario practices. We do work on every individual’s personality and intelligence to make them through the exams effortlessly by conducting a global personality development programme. CEC also works on the communicational development of every candidate or aspirants devoid of the fact whether they need that for their particular exams or not; by providing them global professional communication training.

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We look forward to have Franchisees/Business partners at different locations in the country to impart quality training to students. Undoubtedly they will be operated under the guidance of CEC (COMPETITIVE EXCELLENCE CENTRE), using CEC brand name, study material and the formidable expertise developed over a period of 16 years.