Cloud Tutors

Cloud Tutors

Business Details

Area Req-1000-1200Sq.Ft

Total Investment-INR10 LAC-20LAC

Franchise Outlet-LESS THAN 10

Establishment Year-2013

Connecting the dots was established in 2013 by professionals from diverse backgrounds with a common passion to enrich the teaching of Science & Mathematics in our schools. CTD was born out of a deep faith that teaching disciplines like Science and Mathematics should be made more practical, hands-on and fun. Boundaries around various disciplines have to be softened so that children can get an integrated and seamless understanding of concepts.  Cloud-Tutors is a revolutionary idea of beaming live classes directly into classrooms by expert teachers, mostly IIT ians, who complement and supplement the teaching done by the school's teachers by using intelligent breakdown of lesson-plans to provide seamless teaching to students.  Live classes are interactive allowing for 2-way communication. This ensures immediate doubt clarification. Live classes are recorded and stored on the cloud for viewing again at any time by the school.

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Our Franchisees are our knowledge ambassadors who help us realize our dream of taking top quality education to every student in the country. Several of our Cloud-Tutors programs are delivered through our franchisee-owned Cloud-Tutors Learning Hubs. Currently, we intend to offer several IIT and NEET Foundation programs covering Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics to students of grades VI to X along with other programs through our Franchisees.Come join team Cloud-Tutors by becoming a Franchisee and bring cutting-edge teaching/learning in Science and Maths to your city!