Caffix- The Tech Cafe

Caffix- The Tech Cafe

Business Details

Area Req - 3000-1500Sq.Ft
Total Investment - INR-50-60 LACS
Establishment Year -2001

A unique concept of fixing hunger and fixing phones is what Caffix-The Tech Café is all about. Our passion for food and experience in technology is all we offer at Caffix.We guarantee that your iPhone will be repaired in less than 30 minutes. Meanwhile, our food and drink options are ready to accompany you in that wait. Our repairing is done with 100% transparency; you can be right next to us as we repair your phone. We know what we do and don’t mind you watching us.Rustic yet high-class ambience, free high speed Wi-Fi, document scanning, printing facilities, charging ports on almost all tables, Apple accessories, wide range of I Phones and special edition Panache Design models are few of our technical menu options. So while you place your food order, don’t forget to see the technical facet of this unique place. We are having a perfect blend of rustic furniture, modern technology and mouth-watering food under one roof

Support from Brand: -

The brand support its franchisee in the following ways : Training with reference to business as well as manpower recruitment Continuous research and development support Assistance in selection of site and feasibility study Café and kitchen layout support Selecting equipment and placing them in the right manner Installer team is placed at the outlet at the time of opening to minimize initial operational issue and deliver complete operating standards for better business Composite structured software placement with inventory and complete control with backup from principal company Provision of products/raw material from central commissary to maintain uniformity in taste Providing a standard receipe Selection of staff and training at principle company and kitchen in ahmedabad Monthly audit from trained and professional company executives to provide on ground solutions to issue and help in controlling cost of operations Complete online marketing support and offline support to enhance brand awareness locally. Dedicated back up arrangement to provide all solutions to operating problems.