Bubbles Playway School

Bubbles Playway School

Business Details

Area Req-200 SQ.FT

Total Investment-INR 5-10 LAC

Franchise Outlet-LESS THAN 10

Establishment Year-2010

In Bubbles, high quality daycare and nursery-kindergarten are considered critical for developing the cooperation and communication skills necessary to prepare young children for lifelong education, as well as formal learning of reading and mathematics.

Our early childhood education emphasizes respect for each child’s individuality and the chance for each child to develop as a unique person. Our guardians also guide children in the development of social and interactive skills encourage them to pay attention to other people’s needs and interests, to care about others, and to have a positive attitude toward other people, other cultures, and different environments.

Our Key features

  • CCTV access to parents – biggest safety tool
  • 1st  in India to introduce Finland way of learning
  • International internship support from AIESEC
  • 1st totally digitalized support system with mobile App
  • 1st to introduce Grolier International Ltd  in the curriculum (Talking Pen Series)

Support from Brand: -Bubbles play way school is offering wonderful  franchise solutions to business aspirants distinguishing itself from traditional models.In terms of support Franchise is extended great concepts with support system.All Trainings,Curriculum and marketing support is without any additional costs.Many a times when we plan to opt for a franchise we just talk of prima facia only two things one is the franchise fees and other is the royalty.Many a times a business aspirant looking for some opportunity will only only be convinced as per a prevailing name in his city.Every model is different and is good for different strata of people.Talking of ourselves we are offering a franchise against a reasonable franchise fee and a very unique model of royalty so as not to burdenize the school owners.In terms of business development we have a model what makes the processes easier with actual commitments.When asking for a franchise from a franchisor you should always ask for list of all the back ups and processes so that it becomes easier for you to identify the opportunity in real terms.