Jumbo Kids

Jumbo Kids

Jumbo Kids

Business Details

Area Req.: 1000-1500 SQ.FT.

Total Investment: INR 6-6.5 LACS

Franchise Outlet: LESS THAN 10

Establishment Year: 1950

Podar Jumbo Kids is famous for its Kiducation Learning. Kiducation is the unique education philosophy to give the child a healthy balance between learning and leisure time according to their developmental stage. At Podar Jumbo Kids, we make sure our children are enjoying while learning.

At Podar Jumbo Kids, our franchise business is a specially designed to start successful preschool centers all across the world enabling ‘Kiducation’ to have an even bigger reach. We are provided easy to understand manuals and complete support for every aspect of operating a franchise business such as Ambience docket, Accounts docket, Marketing docket, Events docket, etc.

Support from Brand:
  • Provide detailed operating manuals for franchisees
  • Field assistance provided to the franchisee
  • Expert guidance from Head Office to launch the franchise
  • Initial set up support
  • Marketing and advertising support