F2O Future of Fitness

F2O Future of Fitness

F2O Future of Fitness

Business Details

Area Req.: Sq.Ft.

Total Investment: INR 20-30 LACS

Establishment Year: 2018

Just one F2O Future of Fitness session is equivalent to 5 conventional exercising sessions. Our Electro Muscle Stimulation technology mimics the natural action of a central anxious system and sending electric impulses to contract your deep muscle fibers. This 20-minute training session will go through customize 1 on 1 program and give over 150 times more muscle contractions to your body which results in a reduction of fat and cellulite.

F2O Future to Fitness is a place where our well-trained trainers can help you to achieve your desired goals using advanced technology depending on your fitness level. Our customized training session is either low impact or highly intense as per the client’s needs and requirements with strong contractions and dynamic exercises to activate deep muscle hypertrophy. We offer a franchise opportunity to rejuvenate and relax your body in your nearby area. Tie up with F2O Gym as a franchisee now.

Support from Brand:
  • Get access to our networks
  • Result-driven customer retention program
  • Provide education through training programs
  • Clearly defined territory based on population & investment