Ayurvita Health care


Ayurvita Health care

Business Details

Area Req - 300-1500 SQ FT

Total Investment - 5-15 Lacs

Dr. Vijay Kushvaha's Ayurvedic Clinics are one stop solutions for wellness offering authentic and off course affordable Ayurvedic treatments. These treatments are customized for each individuals depending on their constitution and their ailments. The management of the diseases includes the administration of Specialized Ayurvedic procedures called as Panchkarma therapies, other allied procedures and herbal products.

Support from Brand: -

1. Designing the clinic interiors.
2. Procuring furniture and equipment.
3. Recruiting doctors and technicians.
4. Setting up all operational procedures.
5. Setting up computerized systems to manage all aspects of the business.
6. Stocking the products and other material required for the operational use.
7. Advertising and promotional literature.
8. Technical support in planning and conducting promotional events.
9. Training to the concerned people on various products and services.
10. Strategies for popularizing the clinic.
11. Salary expenses, maintenance and other expenses will be borne by Franchisee.

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