Boxo Burger

Boxo Burger

Business Details

Area Req-200Sq.Ft

Total Investment-INR 5-10 LAC

Franchise Outlet-LESS THAN 10

Establishment Year-2011

We are a fast-growing chain of quick service restaurants fundamentally concentrating to explore new opportunities in the fast food industry. Box-o-burger is known for its profound ability to deliver great tasting burgers, French fries and broad range snacks coupled with better quality, and excellent customer services. We constantly focus on research and development activities in order to develop products that give unique to each customer. The growth in the fast food industry is basically attributed to a large number of consumers who demand more specific services under single roof. The mixture of recipes that gives an Indian and western taste, we experimented to produce more innovative and flavorful recipes. Every stakeholder associate with us is important. We value our customer’s suggestions as well as committed to look after every employee work with us.

Support from Brand: -

We care for you at every step of the business. Be it Digital marketing or Offline promotions. We will train your employees and you on all aspects of the business. We have around 8 years of experience in the food industry and we exactly know what a customer wants from us. 

We are also introducing first time in world “post Paid franchise plan”. Don pay franchisee fee now, and pay us later in 36 equal installments of 5000 rs each. This gives you freedom to start your business while taking care of the limited finances you have. This is the initiative taken by us to promote entrepreneurship in India. We are very happy and proud to offer this win win opportunity to all our fellow partners. We bet you will not come across any other entrepreneur friendly business model than this. Now lets understand how can you take the franchise.