Top 5 Winning Franchise Marketing Strategy

Top 5 Winning Franchise Marketing Strategy
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Top 5 Winning Franchise Marketing Strategy

21 Sep 2019

Top 5 Winning Franchise Marketing Strategy

Nowadays there are end numbers of competition in the world, but a well-structured marketing strategy for the franchise business makes you stand out from the crowd. Although making a good strategy is a crucial part, but effective marketing strategy boost your brand.

The marketing materials present to prospective franchisees must clearly show why a partnership with your brand is an outstanding business opportunity. The franchisor needs to know where they can most effectively advertise their products and services, how much cost required to run the campaign and what marketing content will most likely resonate with their targeted franchisee.

Cost: How much expense you have to spend on the particular channel

Targeting: How can you reach to your potential customers

Control: How much control you have once you go live

Input Time: How much time it will take to run your marketing campaign

Output Time: How much time required to get the result once the campaign is live

Analysis: Which marketing channels are most profitable to reach with your target audience

After identifying the above criteria, you start collecting prospective franchisees and getting them interested in your concept.

One of the advantages of being a part of a franchise business community is that you can have an exclusive province that allows you to run business free of competition from another fellow franchise owner. The smart franchise marketing plan will outline the specific marketing activities that help in generating leads, increasing traffic as well as the necessary steps you will require in order to implement strong marketing activities.

Make sure you Maintain Consistency:

One of the biggest concerns every franchisor is facing is to maintain consistency marketing plan. For this you have strong marketing materials in terms of unique content and creative graphics and storytelling such as news, case studies to attract your new and returning customers. Remember, your effective franchise marketing strategy serves to disseminate your brand and it stands for across the online and offline territory, so you first need to create something unique sharing, an identity that will strike an emotional harmony with your audience. To stay ahead from the competitors you continuously focus on innovation and progress to build a new and advanced marketing strategy.

Focus on preparing a comprehensive branding strategy that every franchisee has to follow for maintaining brand positioning in the market. Franchisors also give access to some necessary tools to run result-oriented marketing campaigns.

Use Compelling Content to Rank Higher:

Content is a king in the marketing game. Descriptive and meaningless content is not important to attract the customers but you have SEO-friendly and engaging content to reach the heart of the customers. In this digital world, your user-friendly content can reach to the wide audiences and you will get the amazing results from your tech-savvy content. Writing an effective content must focus on user search terms, local demographics, genders, age groups, etc. to craft compelling content. Ensure that all your franchise units diversify their content offering by creating blogs, audio or video content, articles and infographics with proper optimization. Your local franchisee can promote the brand with creative content that fuels the emotions in the email campaigns, social media profiles or blog pages.

Word of Mouth Marketing is Essential:

Keep Attention to the powerful tool that brings high success in your arsenal. Inspiring people to buy the product or services by mouth marketing is the most fruitful way to raise the positive brand awareness, and reorganization and most beneficially increase the trustworthy brand reputation in the market.

For this, every marketer should collect the customer’s reviews, their opinions, keep engaging in forums and social media platforms

A strong word of mouth marketing strategy is representing your quality of products, friendly customer service, satisfied clients, powerful portfolio and your unique company culture both internally and externally. Smart influencer marketing can complement these winning traits, and you have yourself create a solid marketing campaign to take your franchise to the next level.

Blast a Unique Email Campaign:

From the last couple of years, the digital revolution is started to gain traction very frequently. Many expert marketers and business owners predicted that email marketing is the best way to directly communicate with your target audience in this competitive world. It is a more refined form of communication to establish a strong relationship with your existing customers as well as attract new customers.

To reach your demographic, every franchise unit has creative opportunities to craft their email strategy. Franchisees can tailor their email campaigns based on the local preferences, and requirements of the local culture. Smart email marketing needs a catchy subject line, attractive body content and call-to-action with necessary attachments to attract your niche customers. Using retargeting tools, every unit has the opportunity to re-establish communication with their prospective customers, encourage them to come back and finish the purchase process. Email marketing has great potential for franchise growth across the board, and it should become an integral part of converting visitors into customers.

Build Brand Loyalty On Social Media:

Last but not least, Social media is the best platform where you can reach your target audience globally. It is the smart way for local marketers to discover and understand the subtle nuances that make a market more unique and drive local trends. You can instantly communicate with the customers via comments, direct messages and incentivize them to purchase the product or services. Social Media is a broad term where you can publish your press, case studies, product features, price, offers and events directly with end-users.

A franchisee can take benefit from social media marketing more efficiently than any other marketing platform. With that in mind, incentivize every unit has to create and run their own social media accounts to attract their local customers within the overarching brand parameters. This way, you can create a vast network and increase your reach in a cost-effective way.


Franchise marketing is greatly different from typical business marketing wherein every location there are many factors to consider and many tactics to implement.  Make a single mistake by any unit, the entire brand might have to suffer for the result. You can follow these franchise marketing tips that will help grow your franchise as a whole.

Creating custom content, responding to reviews, engaging in the comment, maintaining a positive outlook, and looking for solutions helps in increasing potential customers and prove to be a reputed franchise.